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The Greek Historical Evangelical Archive is a non profit organization, which was initiated in autumn of 2008 by Astir tis Anatolis. The main objective of this effort is the collection, the preservation, the classification and in addition the promotion and the study of historical material, which is related, directly or indirectly, with the presence and the activities of Protestantism and of the Greek Protestants in Greece.

The material of our Archive is consisted of archives of periodicals, of organizations and of individuals, of books, photographs, leaflets, documents, letters, audio-visual material, scores, hymnals etc. That kind of material is mainly steming from donations not only from Greece, but from abroad as well. Anyone who is interested in donating to our Archive should communicate us via a fax, an e-mail or via our mail address and he will receive a letter of thanks, while the donation is going to be announced in Astir tis Anatolis and in our website.

The collected material is going to be catalogued, classified and preserved in order to save, illuminate and promote a very important part not only of the history of the Evangelical movement in Greece, but of the Greek society in general, as well. Our ambition is the continuous development of the Archive even if this means great pains, time spending and of course money for us. Our intention is also to promote and make its material publicly known through this website and through an annual journal, the Evanggeliki Archiothiki (Evangelical Shelving), which is going to include announcements with regard to the work which is taking place in our Archive, but also studies and researches, which are going to be conducted by researchers, based on the material of the Archive. Finally, this intention is going to be fullfiled via the organization of public events (e.g. public speeches, presentations, lectures, exhibitions etc.) This website has as its main goal to make the Greek Historical Evangelical Archive known in the electronic world in Greece and abroad, in order to accomplish one of the main goals of the Archive, that is, its communication with the world and the public domain and the connection of past and present. In addition, we intend to upload some data bases with regard to the books and the periodicals we maintain in our library or a catalogue with all the article titles of Astir tis Anatolis from 1858 to the present, in order to help the researchers in their work.

As it is well known, the value of an archive is not based on the storage of its material in boxes, on shelves and in locked places full of dust. The value of an archive, like the value of a book, of history, of knowledge in general, is based on its public presentation and promotion and on its unhindered study and publication.

We hope that you will support and help us in this difficult, but wonderful effort.